Friday, February 7, 2014

TSW + laryngitis + a kidney stone?!

The title pretty much says it all.

I'm really being put through the ringer over here.  But, then again, all of us are in some way, shape, or form, right?

The laryngitis started just a few days ago (on my birthday, actually).  I woke up on Wednesday morning without a voice.  My voice is about 1/3 back to normal today.  Raspy and hurty, but I can squeak a few words out now & then.

The kidney stone came on last night right before bedtime.  The pain lasted about 4 hours.  It was really intense but it wasn't quite as bad as a few months ago when I had another stone and had to be hospitalized.  I was able to get through this one by myself at home.

The funny thing was that during this kidney stone "attack" my skin was so incredibly pale and wasn't itchy at all.  When I looked in the mirror (in a stupor), I looked like a normal person (albeit very weak & sickly looking)!  Even during the immense pain, I was elated to see pale skin!  It didn't last, of course.  As soon as the stone passed, my redness & itchiness came right back within minutes.  Grrrrr.

It's hard to say which I'd prefer--the kidney stone pain or the terrible skin discomfort....

I think I'd choose the laryngitis.  It's annoying but not so bad.  :)


  1. I haven't felt or seen STRENGTH like I have seen in you, my little one! As if the TSW symptoms aren't the worst to bare. . . Kidney stone pain!!!!!!!!!! And no voice to scream about it! I hold you up in my prayers every day! I also hold up the others like you that endure daily the burning, itching and rash-ing! I pray for the education of the dermatology community. That their eyes be open to the world of hurt topical steroids can cause. I pray for all those mothers, faithfully slogging down their babies and children, with only the best of intentions in their heart. I pray that they will not feel quilt, but compassion and hope as they watch their little ones withdrawal from the poison, with hopes of a normal life again! Let me know how I can help! Everyday, anyway, ANYTIME!