Monday, February 17, 2014

New bath routine = finding MUCH comfort!

Last week, my 3rd cousin Jan contacted me when she heard about my skin issues.  Jan, herself, battled some terrible skin problems for many years and had some advice for me!  She told me told me to STOP SHOWERING & STOP MOISTURIZING!  And to do the following baths once a day:


1 lb. Dead Sea Salts
1 cup Oatmeal (instead of putting this directly into the water, I make a satchel so the tub isn't too difficult to clean)
1/4 cup Sesame Oil
Corn starch (to dust the entire body with after stepping out of the bath)

Here's what she said about the baths:
Adjust the temperature of the water so it is on the warm side of tepid. The Dead Sea salts rapidly promote healing. The oatmeal quiets the itch, and the sesame oil provides moisture. When you get out of the tub, gently pat your skin dry, and then dust your entire body in corn starch. The corn starch actually acts as a moisturizer by holding the moisture in your skin, but it also allows your skin to breath naturally. Throughout the day, if you get itchy, dust the area in more cornstarch, you will be surprised at how pleasant this feels. When you use liquid moisturizers you are creating a moist environment where bacteria and fungus can thrive. It is much better if you stop depleting your skin of its natural oils by stopping the hot showers. Stop using anything topical except for soaking in this salt, oatmeal, sesame oil solution and following with corn starch. I really do think that this will begin to provide you with some relief. If you are still experiencing inflammation itching after a couple of weeks, I will talk to my acupuncturist who helped me. 
It will also help if you incorporate olive oil, wheat germ oil, or fish oil into your diet. It will also help if you take a good pro biotic.

After just one week of following this bath outline......  I HAVE EXPERIENCED MUCH COMFORT!  And it feels like my skin is actually healing much faster now!   Last week, when I was looking down at my skin, I resigned to the thinking "It's going to take at least a year for me to heal from this.  Probably longer.  The damage is just too extensive to heal any faster than that."  But now.... after taking the baths (and not moisturizing*) for just one week, I'm predicting that it might take about 5 or 6 months to experience total healing!  I could be wrong, of course!  But healing already feels so much closer than it did just last week!

Today, I also have an appointment with an acupuncturist who was recommended directly from Jan's own acupuncturist in Pittsburgh.  (Can you believe that she actually asked her acupuncturist to look at my blog and see if he thought the acupuncture would help!?!)  I'm excited to go this afternoon--hoping that it will provide extra healing and comfort!

Thank you so much, Jan!  Words can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that you contacted me.

If anyone else in the midst of TSW tries these baths, please report back and let us know if it helps you too!!

*I have been using a touch of jojoba oil around my eyes (once a day) for comfort from extreme flakey-ness in that area.  It works beautifully!


  1. Stacey, I expect that you will heal more quickly than you imagine. I am really happy that I could help. BTW.. All oils other than sesame oil lay on the surface of the bath water then coat the surface of your skin. Sesame oil mixes with the bath water and is much more easily absorbed into your skin. You can always go back to using the coconut oil after you have restored the full health of your skin.

  2. Thank, Jan--I'll make the switch to sesame then!

  3. This sounds wonderful! Do you put all the ingredients listed in each bath? I am going to try this at night before bed once I get all the supplies!

  4. Hi Meghan! Yes, all of the ingredients go in together, except for the corn starch which goes on afterwards. I've been soaking for 20 minutes exactly as Dan from "Diary of a Topical Steroid Addict" recommended. He's been using Dead Sea Salt baths for 6 months+ with a lot of success and knows of other folks who swear by them! He hasn't tried adding other ingredients (oil/oatmeal) to his DSS bath or using corn starch. And--quite the opposite--I haven't yet tried DSS without the oil/oatmeal. I plan to try it at some point, but I've just been finding these baths to be so comforting that I haven't wanted to change it quite yet. I did, however, add Himalayan Pink Salt into the mix twice now and that worked well too. After two days of using the baths, it cleared up these weird, bothersome bumps that were running up and down my legs/arms. If you try these baths, please let me know how it works for you! I hope that it can bring others as much comfort as its given me already!

  5. Each of these ingredients is for a specific purpose. The oatmeal is clinically proven to soothe itchy skin. Likewise, the sesame oil is the best for disbursing in bath water and being absorbed into the skin rather than coating the surface of the skin like most moisturizers. Any salts have been proven to promote and speed healing...however, Dead Sea salts have been shown to be the most effective. You can also use Morton salt, Epsom salts, magnesium salts....etc. but the Dead Sea salts are the most healing when disbursed in water and used for a soak. Corn starch is added to baby powders, and foot powders because it absorbs moisture while being soothing and cooling. So there is no chemical reaction here. Each of these ingredients can be used independently.

  6. Yes, thanks Jan! Over the past few days, I've tried the baths with only the DSS (and nothing else) and its working wonders just by itself. I'm amazed at its healing properties. The redness of my skin is slowly fading away. Right now my "bad" skin is a dull pink--a marked improvement from what it was just a couple weeks ago! Can't wait until everything is all a beautiful olive tone again! Following every bath, I feel a little itchy for a few hours afterwards, but then the itchiness fades away and I feel pretty comfortable for the whole day until the next bath. Sometimes I'll have a few random periods during the day when I feel a little itchy and/or hypersensitive but it usually never lasts more than 15-20 minutes and doesn't happen too often. Such a huge improvement over the CONSTANT itching and discomfort I was feeling before!!! I still have a ways to go until I'm fully healed, but I feel like a human being again, at least! It definitely works!

  7. The baths are amazing. I couldn't wait to get off work to take my long bath. I would make myself a big bowl of fruit, turn on some music and just lay in the bath until the water starts to get cold. :) My doctor wanted me to start taking bleach baths now, and since I have to keep the water a little cooler I don't enjoy them as much.