Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rough, itchy week.

I haven't updated in a while primarily because things have, for the most part, been going pretty well.  For the past month, I've been able to live my life mostly normally with moderate comfort.  I haven't had to call off of work or cancel any plans and I haven't felt unwell enough to let my skin stop me from doing the things that I've wanted to do.

In comparison to how well I've been doing recently, I did, however, have a bit of a rough week this past week.  The itching, which had been fairly moderate recently, came back with a vengeance this past Monday and is still going.  Despite the itching, my skin looked pretty good for most of the week but really took a turn for the worse on Friday and Saturday (yesterday).  My neck/chest area has broken out in the same little bumps that I've experienced in varying degrees all along.  This time, however, the pus wasn't the same clear liquid that I had before.... it's more of a solid (like acne).  Gross.  WHY?!

Yesterday was possibly the worst day to look & feel so awful--I had a gig playing piano for a Purim celebration down the street.  I was front-and-center before the eyes of hundreds of strangers.  Ooooph.  I covered my neck with a big scarf to make my rash less visible and that helped me feel more comfortable, emotionally. 

Here's a few pictures from yesterday before I left for the gig:

Still trying to dress well despite the skin.

When I got home, I immediately started a Dead Sea Salt bath and hopped in the tub.  It felt so soothing after a long day.

So far today, I'm hanging in there.  I'm fasting this morning-afternoon to see if it helps my skin at all.  I also drank some edible clay to help detox a little bit.  Hoping these things will help relieve my current symptoms somewhat.  It's good for the body, anyway, so it's a healthy thing to do regardless.

This really makes me wonder about flares.  Is it just a natural cycle that happens regardless of anything?  Is it food related?  Is it related to the menstrual cycle at all?  These are questions that everyone undergoing TSW deals with.  Why are there no real answers yet?!

At any rate, I'm still very happy to be off of steroids.  At least now I can try to listen to my body's natural signals and figure out what it needs on my own.  Just hoping that this current thing settles back down a little bit. 


  1. Hi Stacey, happy to hear your having some good days. I am seven months in and honestly I have not been able to tie my flares to any particular foods. I have been eating healthy since the beginning and I still have ups and downs. When it comes to menstrual cycles, I have noticed that right before and during I am getting flares; however, that's not the same case every single month. I was trying to find your email to see if you wanted to chat. I wouldn't worry to much what's causing it, just try to keep your mind busy with other things. Over thinking this whole thing just makes life much harder.

    1. You're probably right not to overthink it! ;) I can't help myself, though. I noticed that, for the past two months, I've been much worse right before my menstrual cycle (similar to you!). But today my cycle started.... and my skin suddenly looks fantastic and barely itches at all (much different from the photos that I posted just yesterday). I'm more comfortable now than I've felt all week. I've also noticed a connection with drinking alcohol. The constant ups & downs are a bit discouraging. If it's something that I can control, like my alcohol intake, then I'm all about controlling it. The menstrual cycle though? Can't really avoid it, I guess. Hehe. Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement!! :)