Thursday, April 3, 2014

95 Days: no huge complaints. just little ones.

95 days already?

Overall, my skin has shown a general improvement since the beginning of my TSW.  The texture of the majority of my skin is generally soft and smooth (it was formerly very roughly textured).  Somedays my skin sheds & flakes a lot, other days not so much.  I still have a general (and unnatural) "pinkness" to my coloration--some days it's worse, somedays it's not so bad.  Although I feel like things are continuing to look up, I'm not seeing any dramatic improvements like I saw last month; I seem to have hit a plateau.  Most days my skin looks/feels pretty much the same.  I guess that's a good thing?  But I'm still craving the dramatic improvements.

Despite all of this, the itchiness has been uncontrollable lately.  I'm constantly crawling in my skin even though it looks/feels generally better.  It's so awful.  At least my itching no longer rips my skin apart, as the skin is quite strong. I'm taking a 10mg hydroxyzine pill every couple days to cut down on the itchiness.  But the itchiness is actually waking me up in the middle of the night now.  Although I was very itchy before, the itch actually seems much worse now?  I don't understand.

I did have 2 more bouts with herpes recently.  Two weeks ago, I had a few sores appear on my chin, which went away within 5-6 days with the help of an antiviral.  Then this week, I had some appear right around my left eye lid.  That seems to be under control again, thankfully.

Ehhh.  The itchiness makes me want to stop writing.  I'll try to update again soon.


  1. Hi Stacey, I take L-lysine 500mg tabs as soon as I feel my herpes my outbreak about to happen. It is a great preventative for herpes outbreaks and also seems to help cut the outbreak time down. I also discovered that Sovereign Silver works great on the blisters.

    I'm still itching at night in my sleep as well. I rotate different things to try and knock myself put so I don't scratch. I found that atarax only works for me if I take 50-60mg before bed once every 4-5 days. Otherwise it does nothing for me. The things that contribute to the most itching are alcohol first, and sugar second. Then after those, foods that are high in histamines. Stress falls right up front of the line too. jmo

    1. Hi Dan, I'll have to get some L-lysine for the herpes. I've read heard that works well from others as well. Is Sovereign Silver the same as colloidal silver? I have colloidal silver but have never tried it for herpes. I was using an herbal "Herpe Aid" salve that I had gotten at an herb shop and was also taking turmeric, monolaurin, and oil of oregano. It was doing an okay job at fighting it off, but I got so fed up with waiting (and especially scared with the sores close to my eye) that I ended up popping a few Acyclovir.

      For a while, I was trying to cut back on foods high in histamines. Perhaps that could be the reason for my crazy itchiness lately. I've eaten some leftover meat recently among other things high in histamines. I've cut out alcohol entirely since I noticed it effects things greatly and I've also cut out most sugar from my diet except fruit and sometimes starchy veggies like sweet potatoes. Sometimes I can take 10mg of Atarax and it completely knocks out all of my itchiness. Other times it does nothing. I've even taken as much as 30-40mg with absolutely no effect. Sometimes it makes me terribly sleepy, sometimes not at all. Its effects on me are pretty inconsistent, so I try to use it only when I feel like I don't have any other options.

  2. Sovereign Silver is colloidal silver but a very pure form with no preservatives or other additives. I had read about it helping blisters heal somewhere and when I had an outbreak a few months ago I tried it and the blister went away much faster than usual.

    I have tried being on a good diet and made it about a month and saw significant improvement during that time but I went back to my old ways. I'm at the point where I'm willing to put up with it. Just trying to do things in moderation for now.

  3. Yes, I also see significant improvements when my diet is very clean. I'm not really willing to put up with the ramifications for not keeping my food intake in check. I always get very upset with myself when I give in to a "treat" and then have to live through the consequences. It never feels worth it to me in the slightest. The suffering always lasts so much longer than eating the actual meal does. Part of it is just for my own comfort (I cannot stand the itchiness or tightness one bit) and part of it is also just vanity. I look so much healthier with a clean diet. Anymore, it doesn't really feel like a huge sacrifice at all.